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Please remember that your child will need gym shoes with a sneaker bottom for P.E class.  They do not need to be new.  Also, gym shoes with laces or straps help to protect your child's feet/ankles better than those without laces. NO CROCS, SANDALS, SLIDES, OR FLIP FLOPS WILL BE ALLOWED FOR SAFETY REASONS! If they do not have gym shoes they may walk for their exercise, but it's not as much fun as participating along with everyone else. They do lose points each day they forget the correct shoes which can affect their grade percentages.
Remember: Doing Nothing is not an Option!
Remember:  School is great, but P.E. makes it better!!!!
We want to know?  What medal would your attitude win????
  • Thank you for your interest in your child's health, & for viewing our website.   Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, & Be Nice - It Matters!!!!!!!!           - Mrs. Woodrow 

PE Rules

  • Students MUST have tennis shoes
  • Shoes must have a non-marking sole with shoe strings and/or velcro straps
  • NO crocs
  • NO flip-flips

Healthy Fitness Standards