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About Southeast Fountain Elementary School

Southeast Fountain Elementary School has an enrollment of approximately 550 students in grades K-5.   We employ 2 administrators, 37 certified teachers, 25 support staff, and 21 bus drivers.  The school day lasts from 8:00am - 3:05pm.  A breakfast program is available to all students beginning at 7:40am.  Part of each day is comprised of RTI (Response To Intervention) and Tier 3 (targeted remediation).  All Wednesdays start on a 50-minute delay schedule to accommodate the staff's PLC (Professional Learning Community) time.  The Wednesday school day lasts from 9:00am - 3:05pm.  Office hours are Monday-Friday from 7:30am - 4:00pm.
Our elementary school was built in 1972.  It was designed with an "open concept" layout where each grade level hallway had one large area with no walls dividing the classrooms.  In 2005 renovations were started to construct walls for each classroom.  Also in 2005, 3 additional kindergarten classrooms were built to accommodate the start of all-day kindergarten.  A gymnasium was added in 2007.
Technology plays an integral part in the education of our students.   Starting the 2016-2017 school year, every classroom at Southeast Fountain Elementary was given a set of touchscreen Chromebooks to further the technology skills of students and enrich the curriculum.  Students and teachers use software such as Acheive3000, BrainPop, IXL, CogAT, Google Apps, i-Ready, Pearson Realize, Raz Kids, Reading Counts, and Waterford Early Education, to name a few.  All classrooms are also equipped with projectors, SmartBoards, and ELMO document cameras.  Teachers use Harmony School Management Software to enter grades, track attendance and discipline issues, along with a multitude of other uses.  Parents can obtain a Harmony login to monitor their child's activities from home.  
Each grade level has 3 to 4 teachers.  We also have 2 Title I teachers and 2 Special Education teachers to give additional support to students.  We have English Learners and Speech departments that provide additional services for students in need.  Students have a weekly rotation of activity classes that include art, library, music/band, and physical education.  We offer a variety of extra-curricular activities which include boys and girls basketball, art club, band, cheerleading, academic teams, pep club, student council, swimming, football, and wrestling.  
Our school is rural and includes the communities of Hillsboro, Kingman, Mellott, Newtown, Stone Bluff, Veedersburg, and Wallace.

Contact Info

Southeast Fountain Elementary has an automated phone system.   When you dial the school's phone number, 765-294-2216, you will be presented with the following options to quickly get you to the correct department:
1:  Report an absence (these voicemails are checked daily by 2:00pm)
2:  Athletic Department (Mrs. Tammy Pyle)
3:  Technology (Mrs. Tab Hoagland)
4:  Guidance (Mrs. Tara Sims)
5:  Nurse (Mrs. Joni Sarver)
6:  Kitchen (Mrs. Natashia Hernandez)
7:  Fountain Central Jr/Sr High School main office
8:  Superintendent's Office (Mrs. Chelsey Campbell)
​0:  Operator
Mailing Address:
Southeast Fountain Elementary School
780 E US Highway 136
Veedersburg, IN 47987
You can email either secretary [email protected] [email protected] and they will pass the correspondence along to the correct employee.
You can also refer to the Staff Directory to email a specific employee.
You can fax the elementary school at 765-294-3206

Guiding Principles

Vision Statement
A community actively preparing students for success through a challenging and secure learning environment. 
Mission Statement
Southeast Fountain Elementary's encouraging and compassionate staff will provide a safe environment that recognizes individual differences by providing research based teaching strategies, utilizing Indiana based curriculum, and meaningful assessments.
School Goal
All learners will improve their reading comprehension and overall reading skills across the curriculum.
Do what is right.....treat people right.
- Hire staff that exhibit encouraging and compassionate traits.
- Seek professional development in maintaining a safe environment.
- Find and implement research based strategies in all classrooms.
- Implement research based assessments that address Indiana state standards.
- Address the core standards while using textbooks as resources.

Student Activities

Below is a list of some of the Sports and Activities available to students at Southeast Fountain Elementary School.
  • Art Club
  • Band
  • Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Choir
  • Football
  • Math Bowl
  • Robotics Club
  • Spell Bowl
  • Student Council
  • Swimming
  • Wrestling

Birthday/Celebration Information

​Just a reminder if you plan on bringing birthday treats for your student's class, all treats need to be at the school by noon on the day they will be served. If treats arrive after noon, they will be served the following school day. We have lots of students with food allergies and other serious medical conditions and treats must be checked by our school nurse to make sure we keep all of our students safe. 
Due to the increase in food allergies and other serious medical conditions, all treats and snacks will be supplied by our staff this year for our holiday celebrations. These celebrations include Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine's Day. Treats brought in by parents will not be served at our holiday celebrations due to the limited amount of time we have on those days to check the vast amount of treats that have been sent in the past.
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Pictures of SEFE Throughout the Years