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New Student Enrollment

1. If you do not have a "Harmony3 Family Access" account you must create one prior to registering. (To create an account click here: Harmony3)
-If you have already created an account for another student you may skip to How to enroll a child in Harmony3 below.
2. Once a Harmony3 Family Access account has been created, each child in a family must be enrolled separately.
How to enroll a child in Harmony3:
1. Login with an active Harmony3 Family Access account.
2. Click on the [manage account] button to enroll a child. Enter the REGISTRATION CODE** and the child's BIRTH DATE. Repeat this step for each additional child. If you enrolled a child in a previous year, they should still be enrolled - you do not need to enroll them again. 
**Registration Codes are provided by each school. If you have not received a code by email, you may visit or call your school's main office.
To begin Registration:
1. Login to Harmony3
2. At the top right, click on the [Menu] drop-down link.
3. Find and click on the [Online Registration] link.
4. Complete Registration.
To begin Registration click the button below.